Advanced - the auxilliary structures, canal and crop systems that you may not have been aware were part of the Starfort civilisation.
Satellite and Auxlliary Structures.

These are the structures associated with the Star Civilisation that are not starhubs, hedgehogs, castles, five point or four-point structures.

They were connected to the system by a series of canals, which ranged in size from hundreds of metres across right down to tiny irrigation tracts.

There are a large number of these structures (some are still described by the mainstream as 'forts'), with a multitude of shapes and sizes, but all of them bear the distinctive aesthetic look and feel of the star civilisation. As our knowledge of the star civilisation grows, more will become apparant - and we may be able to work out their particular functions.

Many more of them were still present throughout the world in the 1940's and 1950's than compared to today - although the overgrown remnents of many still exist if you know what to look for.

Much more on satellite and auxilliary structures can be seen at the forum.
Canal System

The entire star civilisation was linked together by an enormous and complex system of canals. From massive canals that linked major star cities and megalopolis, to comparitively tiny ones that irrigated  their crops - they were all part of an intricate, balanced and extremely effective means of transport and communication.

Later, many of the medium sized and smaller canals were filled in - and became the foundations for our road systems today.

Much more about the canal system at the starforts.org forum

Field System

The StarCiv field system was simply stunning.

It's hard to imagine how it would have looked originally.
So much of it has been destroyed - yet, so much still remains!

The fields they used were works of art.

Fantastically complex and stunningly beautiful, each region of the StarCiv had their own interpretative style, reflecting the artistic mindset of the StarCiv in that particular part of the world.

A world that looked very different to the way it looks today.

Many more details about the field system can be seen at the starforts.org forum

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